Located less than 9 kilometers from the Ô d’Annecy bed and breakfast, Annecy has been voted “the best place to live in France.” Annecy is a wonderful city from all points of view.

Crossed by the Thiou and its many canals, it is nicknamed the Savoyard Venice. Stroll through the streets and alleys of old Annecy, spanning here and there a canal or the Thiou. An architectural heritage of incredible richness forms a unique historic city heart. Do not miss the visit of the castle overlooking the old town, besides the point of view we like the museum part combining regional heritage and modern art. To get there, prefer the small steep alleys starting from rue Perrières, so pretty and picturesque.

Rue Perrières Stop at 16, le glacier des Alpes (crowned best glacier in France), a must-see gourmet stopover for all year olds.

A traditional photo break in front of the Palace of the Island, an iconic building built in the Middle Ages and separating in two arms the former prison Thiou where up to 400 prisoners were languishing during the revolution.


In a small jump you can cross the Vassé canal by taking the lovers’ bridge and its marvelous perspective on the lake and the old gilded wooden boats of the canal.

Take advantage of the huge Pâquier public garden along the lake and why not take a cruise on the lake?

Since the Middle Ages a market tradition has existed under the arcades and in the neighboring streets allowing local producers to sell their production to the Annecy residents. This tradition continues on Tuesdays and Fridays for food, and manufactures and textiles are added on Sundays.

Do not miss the huge flea market which is held every last Saturday of each month in the old town.

Pour vous relaxer, après votre visite d’Annecy, profitez de la piscine et de l’espace bien-être de la chambre d’hôtes les Ô d’Annecy.

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